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Supporting online learning

Govt announced yesterday that there is a plan in place for supporting online-learning for your school-aged children. It includes distributing devices to homes that need them, ramping up internet connections, providing hard copy educational materials and launching dedicated education broadcasts on free-to-air TV (in both English and Te Reo), so that our children can keep learning. To also support childrens’ well being, a new tool for parents called ‘Sparklers at Home’ has been launched, to help if you have little ones in your bubble.

Read more about the Government’s announcement here

Site for parents to help with fun wellbeing activities and home school ideas for kids
Home school free and paid resources available at

Trouble in the bubble?

In response to addressing the potential for violence in our homes while in isolation, Le Va has developed a new educational online campaign – Trouble in the bubble? #Catchyourself   

With the lockdown, many people will find themselves feeling’ irritable, frustrated, anxious or worried.  These are normal reactions to a very abnormal situation that all New Zealanders are facing together.  

What can we do?           Facebook @LeVaPasifika 
Step 1: #Catch yourself – Stop – know your triggers and warning signs ·         
Step 2: Take a step back – Breathe ·         
Step 3: Calm the mind – Think before you act ·         
Step 4: Act with respect – Be kind and focus on maintaining respectful relationships

Mental Wellbeing during COVID-19

FREE call or text 1737

It’s really important we all think about looking after our mental health during Covid-19. It is an unsettling time, and things are changing daily.

We know many people are feeling anxious, stressed, worried and scared. 

Remember, you can free call or text 1737 at any time to speak with a trained counsellor – it’s free and confidential.

Mental Health Foundation Website

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