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A message from Mark Pakes, Acting Inspector, NZ Police

Good Morning,

With the current Nationwide lockdown in place we are all facing unique challenges and a way of life we are certainly not accustom to. In saying that, as a country and a community we are also blessed to have strength in our unity. To get through this (and do our best to ensure that it is only 4 weeks) we need to make sure that we are all biding by the expectations that the lockdown has placed upon us.The message from our Prime Minister is very clear, “be kind, stay home, save lives”.

Police have received reports of people who are choosing to not abide by these rules and therefore are placing all of us at risk. Risk of the virus spreading, risk of our loved ones becoming infected and risk of the “lockdown” being extended if we don’t do this right. Examples being large groups of children playing in the streets and at reserves. If they are from one family home ? then that’s great, if they are from multiple homes, that’s not.

Now is not the time to think, “its ok this won’t happen to me – it’s not here yet”this is the time to all play our part, and do what we can to ensure that it doesn’t.

So just a gentle reminder to all,
– Stay home – If you do go out for food, medicine etc. ? Only 1 person travel and go to the nearest supermarket etc.  not one 10-20km away
– Yes you can go out for exercise – but only to where you can walk from your home – not drive to.
– If you are out remain 2 meters from any other person/group 

And as already said. Be kind. These are uncharted waters for all. We want to look back on this in years to come and be proud of who we were, what we stood for and how we treated each other.
Stay safe.

Mark Pakes Acting Inspector 
Professional Conduct – Bay of Plenty 

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