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Takeaway food options in Omokoroa

With the move to COVID-19 Alert Level 3 we get to enjoy takeaway food once more. There’s no doubt that New Zealand’s hospitality sector has been struggling during lockdown and many Kiwi businesses are in need of extra support at this time.

In This Together has prepared a directory of local food options. If you run one of these businesses and would like to have your listing updated, please get in touch.

Many thanks to Catherine McDonald for her work in getting the directory together.

Freshchoice and ITTOP volunteers

We have had an overwhelmingly positive response with 50 plus volunteers coming forward to help.

However, some are concerned that Freshchoice’s Steve and Chantal are taking advantage of volunteers rather than hiring staff.

This is not the case when you understand the background:

  • ITTOP approached Freshchoice with an offer of volunteers. Freshchoice didn’t ask for this!
  • In exchange, Steve and Chantal have offered to donate an amazing $3,000 to local organisations that need it.
  • We, the public wanted to help. We have all been helping Freshchoice to stock shelves, return trolleys to store, offering positive comments, creating a positive community environment despite the stress full times for a fast-paced change Steve and Chantel’s team have coped with.
  • We have done this freely to make ourselves feel better, this is what a supportive community does for the best survival and being the community, we want to live in.
  • The volunteers were only ever going to be short term until Freshchoice had time to take a breath.
  • Freshchoice plan to hire casual staff to take up the slack (applications for jobs have gone from 5 a day to none recently).
  • Freshchoice have employed a security guard starting today 28th
  • Steve and Chantal have a limited amount (300) of free face masks in store if you feel you need one. However, the Ministry of health says face masks are NOT recommended for the general public. See this link
  • Freshchoice’s new hours for lock down period is 7am – 7pm as of Sunday 29th This will allow them to look after their staff.

Going forward:

  • Everyone at Freshchoice is exhausted with long hours; high stress and abuse from some sectors of the public. I am sure you will agree, this is absolutely unacceptable.
  • Please be kind! These are very stressful times and the staff at Freshchoice are doing their best to keep the store open for you, the public.
  • If someone in store contracts Covid19. The store will have to close for 2 weeks while everyone goes into quarantine and the store is cleaned.
  • Help keep the store open:
    • Only go in for essentials, infrequently as possible.
    • Practice good hand hygiene as per Ministry of health guidelines 
    • You MUST take a trolley to use as a yard stick.
    • Only one person from the household, not the whole family!
    • Follow the staff’s instructions and keep them safe too.
    • Be kind! We are all very stressed, but we are all in this together!

supporting our community in times of crisis...

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