In this together – the mission

In this together is a community-led, community-driven organisation that seeks to identify needs in times of crisis and then find ways to meet those needs within the local community.

In times of crisis, it becomes abundantly clear that New Zealanders really are committed to the wellbeing of their communities. We are well used to coming together following crises such as floods, earthquakes and terrorist events. In those moments, the heart of New Zealanders is as important as our can-do attitude. This approach will be even more important as we face the greatest challenge of this century: COVID-19. x

In this together aims to bring structure to the ways in which members of the community seek and offer assistance. The following principles underpin this approach:

  • Safety is our most important consideration, for helpers and those receiving help
  • Security and peace of mind for helpers informs our processes, to reduce the risk of further stress at an already challenging time
  • Developing a single ‘control centre’ within a community ensures that appropriate assistance is provided first to the people who need it the most
  • Making the most of technology to communicate well, but also using other forms of communication for members of the community without access to technology
  • Emotional wellbeing is as important having a roof over our heads and enough food to eat.

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