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The Control Centre sits at the heart of In this together. The Control Centre maintains registers of people seeking help and people ready to provide that help. For those seeking help, these registers contain information they have provided which describes their situation, their capabilities and their potential needs. For example, one household might contain a family that simply cannot risk exposure to a virus and need someone to go to the supermarket, whereas their neighbour is in good health but presently has a broken ankle and can’t take their rubbish out.

For those ready to provide help, the registers will contain their contact information, their relevant skillsets, their availability and the type of assistance that they are ready to provide. In some cases, it will be the volunteer’s particular skills that are needed. An example of this might be someone who is fluent in Mandarin. Another volunteer may have the time and skills required to keep in touch with elderly, isolated community members.

One of the key benefits of using a Control Centre is that it also serves to track close and casual contacts. This is of particular importance when handling a pandemic. If a community member with Alzheimer’s tests positive to a virus it is critical to identify who has been delivering their meals for the past month.

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