Guidelines for volunteers

Please note that these guidelines will change as new advice comes to hand. In This Together will let you know when you need to review updates to this page.

During this difficult time of Level 4 lock down we appreciate that you have signed up to help out your local community. Your own person health and wellbeing is vital to the success of this group; therefore we have put some guidelines in place to protect volunteers, residents and those essential workers you may come in contact with.

How are you feeling today?

Please do not leave your home to assist others if you have any cold or flu symptoms, regardless of how mild they may seem. These symptoms include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Fatigue and body aches
  • Sore throat

Please do not leave your home to assist others if you have been caring for anyone else with the above symptoms.

Please do not leave your home to assist others if you have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19

Please do not leave your home to assist others if you have travelled outside the region in the last 14 days

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Out in the community

Please remember that you represent our In This Together volunteer group when carrying out your tasks. It is important that you adhere to our guidelines to ensure the success of this group. Modelling good behaviour is an important part of the leadership role you are taking in the community.

When visiting supermarkets or the chemist on behalf of the residents please make sure to:

  1. Follow their own strict controls
  2. Be positive and encouraging in recognition of the vital role that staff are performing for our community
  3. Maintain at least 2m distance between yourself and others at all times
  4. Stand away from the check out until the operator has completed the transaction and moved away from the service desk
  5. If you choose to wear a mask it is important you know how to use correctly (see personal protection page)
  6. Sanitize hands both before and after leaving the store and again before and after making the delivery

Every service that you provide to our residents must be contactless. When making a delivery, please follow this procedure:

  1. When arriving at their home call, or text the resident to notify of your presence. If it is raining, please advise the resident to leave the door closed.
  2. Wait in your car until you receive a confirmation text or call
  3. If the resident opens their door as you are approaching, please ask them to close the door and remain stationary until they do so
  4. If the weather is fine, leave the goods at least 2m away from the front door. If it is raining, leave the delivery under cover.
  5. If you have the chance to make eye contact with the resident through a window or from their deck, smile 🙂

No room for error

Failure to follow the volunteer guidelines will result in an immediate stand down. We take your health and those that you service very seriously.

The best prevention step you can take is to remain within your own bubble and have no contact with those outside. But of course, our willing and able volunteers are healthy and keen to help others, so below are some basic rules around protecting your own health.

  • Effective hand-washing is a key step in stopping the spread of this virus- ensure you wash thoroughly for a minimum of 20 seconds and dry completely
  • Avoid touching any part of your face when in the community (wearing glasses and face mask may help you keep hands away from face)
  • Avoid touching any surfaces as far as practical

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