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Thank you for offering to help your community. 

If at any stage throughout this process you need more information or would like to talk to someone, please check out our FAQs or please reach our to our Volunteer Coordinator.

Please remember that your physical and emotional wellbeing is important too. If you decide to withdraw your offer to help, please know that we fully understand.

You can fill out your details on the form below or you can download a form by clicking here 

Emergency contact details

Please record the details of someone that we can contact in case of emergency


Please record the names, addresses and contact phone numbers of TWO local people who can vouch for you. These people cannot be family members. If you are know to a member of the Organising Committee, please add them as one or both of your referees.

The ways in which you can help our community

Please tell us a little about yourself to help us match you with those in need.

Please outline your motivation for offering to work with vulnerable people in our community.

What skills do you have that could be use to our vulnerable people in a time of crisis?

Please describe in brief terms your knowledge and experience

Please describe your availability to offer assistance, e.g. weekdays, morning, evenings etc.

Do you have any medical conditions or other limitations that we should be aware of when assigning you to help in the community? If so, please give details.

Are there any particular groups or sections of the community that would prefer to help? e.g. the elderly

Protecting our most vulnerable community members

Vulnerable people who are involved in our activities should receive the highest possible standard of care and protection. Therefore, in all our work, we seek to ensure the well-being and development of person. Within this context, we are committed to the protection of all vulnerable people from all forms of abuse.

Identity confirmation

Please upload a nice, clear, friendly picture of your face for your ID. This is very important for giving our vulnerable community members peace of mind.

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