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In This Together is here to provide the support that vulnerable members of our community need in a time of crisis. ‘Support’ takes many forms. In some cases it’s help with a job around the house – maybe someone to take the rubbish bin out. Some people need their grocery order to be picked up. Others just need to hear a friendly voice down the phone line from time to time.

In This Together operates a Control Centre that is here to match up your request against capable volunteers within the community. The Control Centre uses a needs-based process to meet requests according the level of need. Our first priorities are those members of the community who need the most help: the elderly, households with sick or injured members and those with compromised immunity. 

It is important to note that we also want to communicate with people using the methods they are most comfortable with. We aim for all of the information related to In This Together to be captured on this website, but we understand that not everyone has the same level of access to the internet. We will also communicate key messages and provide updates via telephone calls and letterbox drops as appropriate.

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