Can I get help?

This page is in development, please don’t regard this information as being final until is approved by the Organising Committee  🙂

When assigning volunteers to help throughout our community, the Control Centre uses a needs-based assessment. The members of our community that need help the most, or the soonest, will always be helped first. The amount of time it takes to help someone will also be based on the current availability of volunteers. That said, here’s the key message:

If you need help, please ask

When assigning help, the following list provides a rough guideline of the priority order we use:

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

The purpose of the list above is try and show the broad range of people that we may be able to assist, depending on the volunteers available.

We should also note that In This Together offers both in-person and remote assistance. We may be able to connect people across all three levels with various types of assistance.

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