Safety and security

The safety and security of our community members and volunteers is of paramount important for In This Together. Our aim is to ensure that each aspect of the assistance we provide is designed to protect everyone involved.

Safety checking

One of the key aspects of our operation is the safety checking of all volunteers. Each person offering their services as a volunteer is required to complete a registration form that captures the following information:

  1. Completion of a Registration form
  2. Providing two identity documents
  3. Supplying two local referees
  4. Confirming that they have not been subject to a prosecution of any type that might affect their suitability to offer their assistance to the community.
Once the registration form is received, the Volunteer Coordinator carries our a safety check using the information provided. The Coordinator telephones each referee and asks them a series of questions. As the referees are locals, this improves the sense of confidence.

Volunteer identification

All In This Together volunteers are required to wear an identification tag when completing volunteer activities in the community. This ensures that residents can have peace of mind that a person they don’t recognise has a reason to be approaching their front door!

We also do our best to let residents know when a volunteer is expected to arrive, and what their name is. We also use a very clear process on exactly what type of help a volunteer is providing 

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